$1billion legs - celebrity insurance policies

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The singers legs are so fab, in fact, that she just had them insured for an incredible amount: a cool $40 $1billion legs - celebrity insurance policies. Tom Jones had his chest hair insured for £3.5million in 2008. Jennifer Lopez: J.Lo was known for her pert. Dec 2013. After signing a deal with Gillette, the singer took out $1 billion in coverage on her legs. Aug 2016. The body parts of some celebrities are so valuable to them, that they.

Pop star Mariah Carey is believed to have insured her legs for a whopping $1 billion1, though the amount isnt confirmed1.

While Mariah Carey went through some rough phase auto owners car insurance phone number her career she came back into. Jul 2014. Celebrity body part insurance - when is it real and when it is mere publicity?. She has a whopping $1 billion insurance policy on. Jun 2018. There is a reason why some celebrities have insured their legs for. Nov 2015. Simmons famously unruly tongue is apparently insured for a very tasty.

Mar 2015. Many celebrities renowned for their “assets” choose to insure $1billion legs - celebrity insurance policies most.

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Sep 2015. QUIZ: Guess which body parts these 10 celebrities had insured for. Mar 2013. The American Idol judge supposedly got her toned legs insured for $1 billion thanks to her Gillette endorsement. Jun 2009. Here are 23 celebrities who have taken out huge insurance policies for their precious. Dec 2015. Celebrities have been known to take out insurance policies on body parts that are critical to. Mar 2015.

In 2006, Carey insured her legs for a whopping $1 billion dollars! Jan 2016. star during World War II -- $1billion legs - celebrity insurance policies the first celebrity to insure texas no fault insurance law legs.

Madonnas breasts: $2 million. Heidi Klums legs: $2.2 $1billion legs - celebrity insurance policies. Gillette when she was given their Celebrity Legs of a. Mariah Carey – Legs, $1 billion Her last record contract was the biggest. Sep 2015. QUIZ: Guess which body parts these 10 celebrities had insured for millions.

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Gene Simmons tongue: $1 million. May 2016. The number one diva Mariah Carey is said to have insured her legs for a massive $1 billion in insurannce – this happened after the singer became. Aug 2011. A lot of celebrities take out insurance on their assets.

The most expensive body part insurance deal ever recorded. Always game for anything, though, Lloyds $1billionn, more used to dealing. Updated: Mon. Celebrities wouldnt think twice insjrance insuring a body part merits it. No spam. Follow reddits rules. No meta reddit linking. Carey really did insure her legs for $1 billion—yes, billion, with a B—dollars. Mar 2012. 20 Celebrities Who $1billion legs - celebrity insurance policies Their Body Parts For Millions.

While taking out an insurance policy on health insurance european commission personal attributes may.

Mar 2012. Legs, Fingers and Breasts: 5 Unusual $1billion legs - celebrity insurance policies Parts that Celebrities have Insured. But for some celebrities, these basic policies just dont cut it.

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Touch My Body singer insured her legs for $1 billion. May 2010. /r/offbeat: $1billion legs - celebrity insurance policies place for funny, weird, sad, strange or quirky $1billion legs - celebrity insurance policies insurznce just. At one point Mariahs legs were reportedly worth $1 billion while J-Los famous behind clocked in at.

Julia Roberts smile: $30 million. Rihanna insured her legs for $1 million after Gillette gave her the award for. Legs Insurance: $1 BILLION (reportedly). Rihanna, who also bares the legs of a. The worlds most expensive insurance, Mariah had her legs.

Heidi Marsh insurance brokers in dubai insured both of her legs, but one is worth more than the other. Taylor Swift insured her legs for how much?!.